Conference and Workshop Notes

2014 DLF Forum - Atlanta (online resources)

Schedule 2014 DLF Forum

Catastrophic Success: The Challenges and Opportunities of Supporting Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts

Digital Public History: Community Connections and Collaborative Teaching Initiatives

Getting an Earful: The Unexpected Services of a Digital Scholarship Unit (PowerPoint slides)

THATCamp DHSoCal (online resources)

THATCamp DHSoCal website

Starting up a Digital Humanities Center - Google Doc community notes

Being a Digital Humanities scholar - Google Doc community notes

Visualization Workshop - Google Doc

Wikipedia in the Classroom: Resource List by Jacqueline Wernimont

ELI 2015 Conference "Designing our Thinking: Crafting New Directions for Digital Engagement"

Twitter Conversation archived from Storify featuring possisble productive links for Scholars lab such as Badges, Gamification via TvsZ, and Purdue's Studio among other things.