Labs, Centers, and Organizations

Resources for Starting and Sustaining Digital Humanities Centers

The International Directory of Digital Humanities Centers at centerNet

UCLA CDH Digital Humanities programs and organizations



CNI - Coalition for Networked Learning

NITLE - National Institute for Technology in Education


ADHO - Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

ACH - Association for Computers and the Humanities

centerNet - International network of Digital Humanities Centers

HASTAC - Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory

Digital Humanities SoCal

CSDH / SCHN - Canadian Society for the Digital Humanities



Digital Humanities @ Stanford

Digital History @ Stanford

Spatial History Project

Literary Lab

Humanities and Design Lab

Stanford CESTA lab images (Center for Textual and Spatial Analysis)

CESTA lobby area old digital equipment at CESTA CESTA workstations CESTA television for presentations folding tables at CESTA CESTA television display, side view CESTA television display, three quarter view CESTA tables and television diaplay


University of Maryland

MITH - Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

MITH entrance MITH lobby area MITH lobby and windows MITH entrance signage MITH desks and workstations MITH computer museum display MITH presentation area MITH presentation area showing garage-style main door


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities

  CDRH main area CDRH scanners


North Carolina State University

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Hunt Library technology


University of Delaware

Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center


Columbia University

Columbia Digital Humanities Center

Studio@Butler: A Collaboratory for Educators, Scholars, and Librarians


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Humanities Research Bridge


Emory University

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Emory CDS YouTube channel

CNI: Using the Amazon Cloud to Host Digital Scholarship Projects from CNI Vimeo Channel.


UC Berkeley

D Lab

Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group


UC Davis

The DH Initiative at the Davis Humanities Institute (DHI2)

Humanities Innovation Lab



CDH - Center for Digital Humanities


CDH Projects

Institute for Digital Research and Education

Scholarly Innovation Lab


Brown University

Digital Scholars Lab


McMaster University

Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship


Bard College

Experimental Humanities initiative

Press release on Bard College Mellon Foundation grant


University of Connecticut

Scholars Collaborative


George Mason University

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


University of Virginia Library

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

Scholars' Lab


University of Oregon

Digital Scholarship Center


Hamilton College



University of Notre Dame

Center for Digital Scholarship, Hesburgh Library


Penn State University

Humanities in a Digital Age


University of Richmond

Digital Scholarship Lab, Boatwright Memorial Library

Project: Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States


Trinity College Dublin

Digital Humanities - Research Priority Themes


University of Alberta

Canadian Institute for Research in Computing and the Arts


Case Western Reserve University

The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

Scholarly Commons



Harvard Library Lab



Bucknell Digital Initiatives


The Graduate Center, CUNY

GC Digital Initiatives

GC Digital Scholarship Lab


Haverford College

Digital Scholarship - Haverford Libraries


University College London

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

Decoding Digital Humanities reading group