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Digital Humanities Questions & Answers

Digital Conferences Calendar

DH Toychest: Digital Humanities Resources for Project Building (curated by Alan Liu)


Consortiums and Special Interest Groups

TEI - Text Encoding Initiative


Software and Other Tools

Neatline: A Temporal and Spatial Narrative Tool

Paperphone: A Sound Tool for more effective Vocal Performance in Scholarly Presentations

OneButton: a simplified video recording studio

Visualization Tool for (Hash)Tags


Managing Digital Projects

Project Management for Humanists

Ten Rules for Humanities Scholars New to Project Management


Evaluating Digital Projects

MLA Guidelines for Evaluating Works in DH and Digital Media


Job Accouncements or Descriptions at other Institutions

Digital Scholar Job Announcement - Whittier College

Professional Specialist/Digital Humanities Project Manager - Princeton (PDF version)

"Libraries hire digital humanities research designer," Penn State

Digital Humanities Project Director - UC Berkeley

Digital Scholarship Initiatives Coordinator - Cornell University Library

Digital Scholarship Unit Coordinator - University of Toronto

Library Digital Project Manager

Director, Center for Digital Scholarship and Publishing - Kansas State University

Digital Humanities Coordinator - CUNY

Head of Scholars' Lab - University of Virginia

Digital Humanities Specialist position at University of Alberta (PDF)

Clinical Faculty Position in Digital Humanities at NYU (PDF)

Digital Liberal Arts Librarian at Hope College

Digital Projects Coordinator position and Postdocs at Bard College

Digital Projects Coordinator job description

Postdoc postions in Experimental/Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Coordinator position at Columbia

Job Description at DLF

Columbia news article on Alex Gil

Bucknell - Digital Humanities Coordinator

Bucknell DSC Job Description

Diane Jakacki blog post on Digital Scholarship

Diane Jakacki blog post on Digital Scholarship Coordinator position at Bucknell University